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The Bread & Roses Theatre announces the inaugural Lambeth Fringe Festival

16 March 2024

Building on the success of last year’s 8th critically acclaimed incarnation of the Clapham Fringe, The Bread and Roses Theatre announces a dynamic rebranding and expansion of it’s flagship festival.

Heading into the 9th year of the much-loved Off West End Festival, The Bread and Roses Theatre has continued to expand from 2023’s biggest and most international line-up, with companies from across the globe bringing us their work, including a production from Japan, and an expansion to three venues - Theatre, Performance, Works In Progress and more at The Bread and Roses, Comedy Bandits at The Railway Clapham, drag, spoken word and performance art at The Two Brewers and independent film screenings at Central Film School.

Alongside some of the best and most crowd-pleasing theatre, comedy, works in progress, experimental performance and emerging artists at our founder venue, the Festival is due to expand even further to include venues from across the borough of Lambeth, full details to be announced shortly.

The Festival team are also keen to hear from any venues in the Lambeth area who we have not yet reached out to, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at

The Festival is curated and produced by the The Bread & Roses Theatre, led by Managing Director Rebecca Pryle, Artistic Director Velenzia Spearpoint and Associate Producer Alexander Knott.

“With 2024 being the ten year anniversary of The Bread & Roses Theatre, and the 9th year we have run this festival, it feels like the perfect time to spread our wings even wider, and bring the whole borough of Lambeth together for what we hope will be the fastest-growing and most vibrant Off West End arts festival in the city. With favourable deals for artists, and a wide range of venues to choose from, we can’t wait to welcome audiences to the very first Lambeth Fringe!” The Bread & Roses Theatre Team

"A new wave of venues has opened in recent years, all on the sweetheart deals of old.” - The Guardian on The Bread & Roses Theatre